Thank you so much for your support and funds

Released On 10th Feb 2023

Thank you so much for your support and funds

Thank you so much for your support and funds when I hit extremely hard times. Your support and empathy phone calls got me out of a very dark place. My husband left me for another woman 3 and a half years ago and the stress brought on a heart attack - as such I had to leave my family home.

I had a comfortable life with my husband and 3 daughters until this happened, one of my daughters travelled home from Australia to be with me and due to my further health problems she has never returned. The following year after my heart attack and heart problems I discovered I had breast cancer. I went on to have a lumpectomy and reconstruction then further surgery to have lymph nodes removed.

I then went on to have a thunder clap which was a bleed on the brain. I had an aneurysm coiled, however it ruptured during the night and I had emergency surgery.

I can't thank and praise Pat and the Benevolent fund enough!!

Due to not being able to work, I was left in financial difficulty, the benevolent fund helped me financially with moving house costs.

The biggest help for me was Pat with her regular phone calls checking in on me and continuing to support me with a great deal of empathy.

Thank you for all your help during this time of need.

Your support helped me get through my life change and how to support my daughters allowing me to become a lot stronger.

I am eternally grateful and appreciate my Christmas hamper each year putting a smile on my face and making things feel easier and brighter. Forever in your debt for all your kindness.